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10% of Americans are "Credit Invisible"
Wed, 06 May 2015 17:40:48 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireAbout one in 10 American adults have no credit history according to a report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a total of 26 million persons who are "credit invisible." These are persons who have no information on ..[read more]

MBS MID-DAY: Selling Continues. Yes, Things Are Serious
Wed, 06 May 2015 17:38:16 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryYou'll notice an ongoing theme over the past few weeks as we talk about the selling pressure in bond markets, and that is that this sell-off should be taken seriously until/unless it's definitively defeated. We've..[read more]

Mortgage Bank Acquisitions; Iowa's Cool TRID Grid; USDA Rural Housing Updates
Wed, 06 May 2015 16:47:59 GMT

Posted To: Pipeline PressI received this note from a veteran LO in a western state. "I was talking with a top-producing Realtor on broker tour this week. Unlike too many of his colleagues, he actually knew about TRID and we were talking about 8/1. 'J..[read more]

Rate Increases Take Toll on Refi Apps
Wed, 06 May 2015 14:58:24 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireApplications for refinancing cratered last week, reaching their lowest level in four months according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA's) Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey. MBA's Refinance Index dropped by 8 percent..[read more]

MBS Day Ahead: Now All We Need is a Reason to Rally
Wed, 06 May 2015 11:34:07 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryThe sell-off is getting old , literally and figuratively. Of course it's old in the sense that no one likes it, but what about it's objective age? There are different ways to measure how old a sell-off is getting. Thi..[read more]

Are There More First-Time Buyers Than we Think?
Tue, 05 May 2015 22:17:32 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireGiven how critical first-time homebuyers are to the housing system the Urban Institute says it is important to accurately measure how present they are in the market. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) has consisten..[read more]

MBS RECAP: ISM Reaction, ADP Preparation, and Abbvie (What's an Abbvie?)
Tue, 05 May 2015 22:11:39 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryBond markets sold off again today, though it wasn't necessarily destined to be the case. In other words, it actually took several events working together to push rates up to today's highs. The first event has to do wi..[read more]

Mortgage Rates Dangerously Close to 2015 Highs
Tue, 05 May 2015 19:49:00 GMT

Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates haven't been able to catch a break recently. Case in point, over the past 3 weeks, there have only been two days where rates managed to improve even a little bit. Four out of the past six days have seen un..[read more]

MBS MID-DAY: Sell-Off Continues Thanks to Europe, Data, Corporates, Everything Really...
Tue, 05 May 2015 17:22:57 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryEver have one of those days where it seems that the odds are hopelessly stacked against you? That's the sort of week and a half that bond markets have been having. If it's not European bond markets pushing Treasuries ..[read more]

Supply/Demand Pushing Home Prices Higher
Tue, 05 May 2015 15:52:32 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireNationwide home prices are now within 10 percent of their pre-crash peaks and seven states have surpassed those peaks, some have been establishing new high marks for several months. CoreLogic said today that its Home Price Inde..[read more]

What Compliance Officers Want Builders/Realtors to Know about TRID; CFPB Updates
Tue, 05 May 2015 14:38:17 GMT

Posted To: Pipeline PressI grew up with a lock on my locker in school. Every once in a while someone would have their combination stolen and locker broken into. Or at least shaving cream shot through the air vents. (Yes, I went to a pansy high school..[read more]

MBS Day Ahead: Important Econ Data, But With Wild Cards In Play
Tue, 05 May 2015 11:34:13 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryEverywhere you look, pundits are slamming the bond market , both at home and abroad. This is usually the first sign that we're about to bounce back into stronger territory. All we need is one or two more self-annointed gu..[read more]

MBS RECAP: Widespread Negative Reprices as Bond Slide Continues
Mon, 04 May 2015 21:29:22 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryThe last 5 days have been ugly for bond markets--not quite as the beginning of February, but this time around, we aren't bouncing off multi-year lows. This 5-day route tacks on to the end of what had already been a flat-t..[read more]

Mortgage Rates Continue Disturbingly Higher
Mon, 04 May 2015 20:18:00 GMT

Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates continued higher today, extending a troubling move up to the highest levels since early March. Normally, movement in domestic interest rates is driven by economic data and inflation expectations. This time..[read more]

Earlier Intervention Policy is Best for Housing Boom/Bust Cycles
Mon, 04 May 2015 19:45:49 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireAfter looking at housing booms and busts in 20 countries, three economists have concluded that the likelihood of a boom ended in a housing market cycle depends on its age - that is that the longer the cycle continues, the proba..[read more]

Servicer Complaints Ebbing with Delinquencies
Mon, 04 May 2015 18:34:31 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireBlack Knight's Mortgage Monitor report for May took a close look at complaint trends lodged with the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPB). Along with the Five Star Institute, Black Knight compared complaints with corresp..[read more]

MBS MID-DAY: Widespread Negative Reprices After Heavy Pressure from European Bonds
Mon, 04 May 2015 17:28:49 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryWith UK and Japan bank holidays, cash Treasuries didn't really have an overnight session (London and Tokyo are the hubs for Treasury trading during the European and Asian sessions respectively). This also affected volume ..[read more]

Outsourcing QC; Fannie/Freddie News; Preventing Fraud; MI Earnings
Mon, 04 May 2015 13:53:42 GMT

Posted To: Pipeline PressBy now the remains of the pizza lunches for everyone working OT to deliver a successful April have been cleared away, and lenders are optimistic about May - especially those who have remained loyal to pursuing the purchase bu..[read more]

MBS Week Ahead: Important Week for Fed Comments, Econ Data, and Trend Watching
Mon, 04 May 2015 11:34:15 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryAfter rising to the highest side of the long term trend last week, yields have a chance to explode higher, or re-commit to the range this week. "Exploding higher" could be problematic, or course, but it's good to remember..[read more]

MBS RECAP: Exactly What We Were Hoping NOT to See
Fri, 01 May 2015 20:35:59 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryToday wasn't necessarily a worst-case-scenario for bond markets, but it was reading from the same script. It's the version of the story where the economic data is weaker than expected, but where bonds sold off anyway...[read more]

Mortgage Rates Quickly up to 6 Week Highs
Fri, 01 May 2015 19:49:00 GMT

Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates are in the midst of a serious move higher . This requires some context though, because not all serious moves higher are the same. In the current case, the serious move takes the most prevalently-quoted con..[read more]

How the Mortgage Industry Already Protects Consumers
Fri, 01 May 2015 19:31:25 GMT

Posted To: Community CommentaryAs the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau enters its second year as the oversight regulator for the mortgage industry, the bulk of media focus is on how difficult it is to get a loan now, and on reporting enforcement ac..[read more]

MBS MID-DAY: A Real Mayday For Bond Markets?
Fri, 01 May 2015 16:16:33 GMT

Posted To: MBS CommentaryTreasuries and MBS are at the weakest levels in exactly a month and a half. The time frame preceding the March FOMC Announcement saw markedly weaker levels though the important support came in around 2.14--just a bit higher t..[read more]

Borrowers inching back into Cash-Out Refinancing
Fri, 01 May 2015 15:38:12 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireThe first quarter of 2015 was the third in a row that more than half of the refinances funded through Freddie Mac were cash out transactions. The company said that 27 percent of its refinancing loans were cash out compared to 2..[read more]

Construction Spending Softened in March
Fri, 01 May 2015 15:00:52 GMT

Posted To: MND NewsWireTotal construction spending fell in March from February levels and remained only slightly higher than one year earlier the Census Bureau said today. Overall spending was down 0.6 percent on a month-over-month basis to a seasona..[read more]

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